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OMAC has Classes in Central Ohio, Perfect for Kids, Teens, and Adults Martial Arts Lessons.

Who we Are And what We Offer

Our trademark, the Moogong Warrior, symbolizes the Guardian of Peace. Since 1971, OMAC has combined innovation and tradition as the foundation of our teaching philosophy. We meet our students where they are, so they enjoy limitless opportunities to grow and develop as martial artists. We offer instruction in Korean martial arts of Taekwondo, Gumdo, Hapkido, and Kimoodo. Our experienced instructors rank as high as ninth degree black belt. This deep bench of experience, combined with a family-centered atmosphere fosters our students’ personal growth as well as that of competent marital artists. You are welcome to visit any of our five locations in central Ohio during their classes. It will be our pleasure to welcome you.

Get To Know Our World Class Instructors


Senior Grandmaster James Cahn

Comprehensive knowledge of Taekwondo Reynoldsburg

Master Andy Choi

Head Instructor Taekwondo

New Albany Taekwondo Instructor

Master Jee Choi Lee

Head Taekwondo Master

Gumdo Korean Sword Training

Grandmaster Robert Gross

Discipline Head Gumdo and Weapons

Grandmaster Robert Gross, Eighth Degree Black Belt, began his martial art training in 1976 in Norfolk, Virginia while serving as an officer in the United States Navy. His first instructor was Master Soon Wong Lee. In 1979, he met Grandmaster Ho B. Kim, then the president and head instructor of the OSU Taekwondo Club. Master Kim’s encouragement inspired him to continue his martial art training.

From that beginning, Master Gross grew as a martial artist under the guidance of Grandmasters, Ho B. Kim, Young P. Choi, and Joon P. Choi, as well as many other fine instructors at the Oriental Martial Arts College. In addition, he is the lead Gumdo (Korean Sword) instructor. The program has produced five first degree Black Belts.

Hilliard Ohio Martial Art Lessons

Grandmaster Tim Stanforth

Hilliard Location Head Taekwondo Grandmaster

Grandmaster Tim Stanforth, 8th Dan is one of the most senior instructors at the Oriental Martial Arts College.  He began training with Supreme Grandmaster, Joon Pyo Choi In 1979. For over ten years, he has taught after-school programs in both public and private schools. He is known for his talent in teaching younger students. He founded the Hilliard branch of OMAC in 2005.

He began training in the art of Kimoodo at its foundation in 1991. Kimoodo has remained an integral part of his curriculum ever since. Grandmaster Stanforth has produced over eighty Black Belts of first-degree rank and higher.

Practical Self-defense

Master Larry Sanford

Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Self Defense

Master Larry Sanford, 6th Dan, began training in 1983 in Gallipolis, Ohio with the late Master David White. He has always been fascinated with Hapkido and Aikido ever since seeing a demonstration as a child. In 1987, he joined the OSU Taekwondo club led by Grandmaster Ho B. Kim and trained under multiple students of SGM Joon Choi who were national and international competitors. He also served as past president of the OSU Taekwondo club and competed in Olympic and point style Taekwondo. Master Sanford also served in multiple positions on the Ohio State Taekwondo Association, including 2 terms as president, 2 terms as vice president, 2 terms as secretary. 

Following a break to complete law school, working full time, and starting a career, Master Sanford resumed training and became a certified Hapkido instructor.  A designation conferred by the late Supreme Grandmaster Choi, 10th Dan and founder of the OMAC Hapkido program.

Following the passing of Supreme Grandmaster Choi, Master Sanford continues his hapkido training with Grandmaster Scott Schwab, 9th Dan.

Children's Taekwondo Intructor

Senior Master Debbie Plasterer

Taekwondo Master

Sparring Taekwondo Instructor

Senior Master David Bailey

Taekwondo Master

Taekwondo Head Instructor Worthington

Master Marjie Rhinehart


Master Marjie Ausham(Rhinehart) began their training at the
age of 6 with Grandmaster Stanforth. Trained at this location when it was Short
North and assisted in opening up the new Hilliard branch in 2008. Moved to the
Main Branch to train under one of Supreme Grandmaster Choi’s sons and received
their 4th degree black belt at 17. 


Took a little break to focus on school, returned in 2021 and
tested for their 5th degree black belt in 2022, which made her the youngest
master within our system. 


Currently Head Instructor of the Worthington Branch.

Instructor Christel Colley

Christel Colley

Senior Taekwondo Instructor

Senior Instructor Christel Colley, 4th Degree Black Belt, began her martial arts training in 2007 with her children at Byung Lee’s King Tiger Taekwondo in North Carolina.  In the fall of 2011, the family moved to Reynoldsburg Ohio and joined the OMAC family.  Christel taught the Little Tiger Program (3 to 5 year olds), for many years, as well as the regular taekwondo classes.  She has taken a break from the younger students and is concentrating on her own training, as well as assisting her husband teaching at both the Reynoldsburg and the New Albany branches.  Christel has a Bachelor of Education degree that she uses to help keep students engaged and enthusiastic about attending classes at OMAC.

Taekwondo Coach and Instructor in Reynoldsburg

Senior Instructor Geoff Colley

New Albany Head Taekwondo Instructor/SI Instructor Taekwondo of Hapkido Reynoldsburg location

Senior Instructor Geoffrey Colley, 4th Degree Black Belt, began his martial art training in 2005 in Greenville, NC under the instruction of Master Byung Lee.  In the fall of 2011, Mr. Colley and his family joined Grandmaster Choi at his Reynoldsburg, Ohio location practicing Taekwondo (World Taekwondo/Moo Gong Ryu/Som Moo Kwon), Hapkido (Chayil) and self-defense.

Mr. Colley is a USAT/AAU Certified Referee and Coach and a long serving Ohio State Taekwondo Association board member.

Certified USAT Referee

Senior Instructor Steve Potter

Instructor Steve Potter, 4th Degree Black Belt, began Taekwondo
training under Supreme Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi in 2007 when his young son
wanted to be a Power Ranger.  Unfortunately, his son’s dreams of being a
Power Ranger were not strong enough to keep him going, but Sr. Instructor
Potter continued his training.  In addition to earning his 4th
Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, SI Potter was also one of the inaugural Black
Belts in Grandmaster Choi’s Kimoodo (Healing Arts) program, has earned his 3rd
Degree Black Belt through the USAT-MAC National Governing Body, and his 1st
Degree Black Belt through the Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters. 
Currently, SI Potter serves as the main Sport Poomsae (Taekwondo form routines)
instructor and coach for OMAC World Headquarters.

Potter had a very short competition career, earning Gold and Silver medals at
the 2009 Battle of Columbus, and 3 Gold Medals at the 2012 USAT-MAC National
Championships in the Ultra age group (33+).  After 2012, SI Potter decided
to focus on instructing, coaching, and especially refereeing where he has
served as the Ohio State Taekwondo Association Referee Chair for multiple
years, has achieved a National Referee ranking for both USATKD and AAU
Taekwondo, and been the Referee Chair and Taekwondo Discipline Co-Director for
the Battle of Columbus since 2021.

Kimood Discipline Leader

Instructor Soumya Mitra

Senior Instructor Kimoodo

My experience with Kimoodo (healing martial arts) started in 2009 and since then I have been intrigued and fascinated with the three basic fundamentals of Kimoodo – power breathing, power stretching, and power mind. Every time we begin Kimoodo with Mooshim (empty mind) and end with meditation, we feel rejuvenated. As the Head Instructor of Kimoodo at Main Branch (Brice Rd), I am here to help you share the knowledge of Kimoodo so that you can achieve success, peace, and harmony in life.

Instrutor Greg Colley

Greg Colley

Senior Taekwondo Instructor and USAT Certified Referee

Senior Instructor Gregory Colley, Fourth Degree Black Belt, began his martial arts training in 2005 in Winterville, North Carolina under Grandmaster Lee of King Tiger Taekwondo.

SI Colley has been training, teaching, and volunteering at OMAC since 2012 when the entire Colley family started under Supreme Grandmaster Joon p. Choi in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Senior Instructor Gregory Colley has continued to expand his repertoire throughout his time at OMAC by taking part in the Hapkido and Gumdo programs while continuing to advance in his original Taekwondo roots.

Dublin Ohio Martial Arts

Vamseedhar Kondapaneni

Senior Taekwondo Instructor

Worthington Karate

Master Kathy Rhinehart OMAC Events Director


Senior Instructor Anja McNeish


OMAC provides martial arts classes to Central Ohio, Dublin, Worthington, New Albany & Hilliard communities

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