Learn About the Multiple Martial Arts we Offer to Central Ohio

OMAC is unique in the variety of martial art disciplines we teach in Central Ohio

We are all students, whether new white belt or master level, continually learning Martial Arts. Join the students at OMAC and learn timeless martial art skills and principles, while forging new friendships.

Learn Taekwondo: Traditional Korean Martial Art

The word Taekwondo is formed from three Korean terms “tae” meaning “to kick” as with a foot, “kwon” which derives from “the hand” used to strike or block, and “do” meaning “the way” or “the art.” Taekwondo, therefore, can roughly be translated as “the art of fighting with the fist and the foot.” At OMAC, we delve into the original principles of Taekwondo. Students develop their understanding of the ideals of Taekwondo as well as physical skills.

The Timeless Art of Gumdo

Gumdo is the art of the Korean sword. Students experience a challenging yet safe environment where they learn how to spar as well as proper handling of a sword. Gumdo is a good fit for many people, even those with little or no prior martial art experience.

Gumdo students begin with the traditional bamboo (Jook Gum) training sword. From there they progress to wooden (Mook Gum), and finally steel swords (Shin Gum). For sparring, padded weapons are used. These allow sparring partners to make contact without inviting injury. Sparring with full armor and a bamboo weapon is an option reserved solely for highly advanced students.

Steel Sword Cutting
Self Defense Classes

Hapkido: Practical Self-Defense

Hapkido is ideal for teens, men, and women of any age wanting to learn practical, no-nonsense self-defense. Our concept towards self defense is premised on the idea that an attacker is threatening your safety and you are entitled to use force necessary to overcome the threat. We offer one-session seminars as well as a complete Hapkido curriculum. Students will leave the first class with real self-defense skills which build through practice and repetition. They will also learn to kick, strike, choke, lock, and throw an attacker. Mentally, we are practicing discipline, respect, self-control, confidence, and indomitable spirit to become the best version of ourselves physically and mentally.

Chayil hapkido is the ultimate form of self-defense. Hapkido students will learn the principles of movement to divert attacker’s energy and use the attacker’s strength to block, strike and lock joints. Using unbalancing, locking, and pressure points that elicit prescribed responses, relatively little strength is needed for a Hapkido student to defend against a much larger and stronger opponent.

It takes surprisingly little effort to protect yourself. No matter your age, size, or ability, come try class and see for yourself what Hapkido can do for you. You will not be disappointed.

Kimoodo: The Healing Art

Kimoodo is an organic way of living a healthy lifestyle and nurturing a balanced mind and body to tackle all negative energies of human life (like stress, anxiety, addiction, and depression). Repeated practicing different body movements with controlled slow breathing and stretching creates positive energy within our body which rejuvenates our soul and spirit. 

When you begin, we meet you where you are. Daily practice of Kimoodo keeps your body nimble, kindles compassion, and raises our emotional intelligence. The positive effect of practicing Kimoodo cannot be defined within few sentences but can only be realized over several months of rigor, repetitive practice, and a disciplined lifestyle.

The Healing Art Kimoodo

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